Simple exercise

Here you have the solution for the simple exercise in the book.


When keep on thinking on how to draw the lines, it’s very difficult to see the solution. If you first start drawing from A to A and later from B to B, you’re well on your way to the solution. The best way to find C to C is to just start drawing the line until you bump into an other line. Change direction and keep working to an open space. Only then you will find the solution.

Sometimes you just have start working without knowing all the details.

4 Comments on “Simple exercise

  1. I was thinking “out of the box”. Littery. So I drew the line outer the border from C to C.

    tot woensdag.

    • Nice try Peter, but not according to the instructions ;-).
      Tot woensdag!

    • I actually thought the same. I found no instructions that the lines should be within the box limits 😀

      I also thought of drawing the line from A to A on top of the box borders. 😀

      • Thank you for trying Shazly!
        When I do this exercise in front of a class, I give more detailed instructions.
        The lesson is to just start and learn while doing the exercise. Many people “stay in their head” for too long 😉

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