Lead Between the Lines

cover-sjoerdV2-webAt this moment I am very busy writing my book for the struggling leaders all over the world.

This book will be for team leaders, supervisors, foremen, department heads, managers and all others leading other people. No matter what your title says, your daily task is to lead others.

You feel as if you’re squeezed between many forces, your team, your customer(s), your guests, your patients, your spouse, your manager and on and on. It’s true, the way you lead influences many and therefor it’s important that you learn how to lead.

Unfortunately, when your doing well in the job you have had your education for, many bosses think you will also do well as a leader. That is a dangerous assumption, because then the organisation will not invest in your education and you have to figure it out all by yourself.

With so many people influenced by your leadership, this can be pretty disastrous. For you, the company and all the stakeholders.

With Lead Between the Lines I will help you finding your way to results. I expect to have it ready for sale in September 2014. If you want to be informed when the book is published, please fill in the form at the right side of this page. I will send you an e-mail as soon as Lead Between the Lines hits the market.

In the meantime, hold on, help is on its way …

By the way, the book cover has been designed by Gaia Nuissl, creative owner of Gaialab at www.gaialab.nl
She used a beautiful picture designed by freshidea, who has a large selection on Fotolia.

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